Fibre specialists.

Our vision is to make brands and products more sustainable with more natural raw fiber-based materials and less plastic. The resources for our products are renewable and each of our fibres can be recycled multiple times.

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Women and men standing in front of a little wooden hut
Women and men standing in front of a little wooden hut
What drives us?
Brands that think ecologically and mean it.

Saying no to plastic!

We say a resounding No! to plastic. The dream of a plastic-free world may be naïve – but dreams help us to brave new paths. We’re ready to forge radical new paths for the environment, together with companies and brands.

Plastic bag in the ocean

Our team

In 2020, a team of specialists and practitioners ventured Greenfibra Labs, the spin-off of the Gmund Paper, and placed it as a separate business unit with concentrated know-how. Using our expertise in fibre technology, material analysis, paper production, ecology, printing and packaging technology, sensor technology and green communication, we advise our customers all the way from the initial idea to the finished product.

Florian Kohler
Founder & Greenfibra Ambassador
Graduate in business administration Munich, worked for renowned companies in Paris and London, specialized in natural fiber aesthetics, as a world cyclist concerned about the plastic waste in this world.
Stephan Treske
Fibre Technology
Graduate engineer for paper process engineering, gained experience with fibre preparation plants in various paper mills and has a certain flair for alternative raw materials.
Daniela Caccia
Material analysis / ecology
Deputy Laboratory Manager, has previously worked in various areas of the pharmaceutical industry, amongst others in the research of new plant based components and quality control / good manufacturing practice.
Rocco Weinhold
Paper-Technology / Manufacturing
Paper technologist with master’s degree, learned and trained in Gmund with a soft spot for intense colors, constantly searching for climate-friendly resources.
Hans Schwarz
Printing and packaging technology
Industrial printing foreman and quality manager, previously operations manager in printing companies in the advertising and pharmaceutical industries, his motto: Anyone can print! Anyone could print sustainably! What is needed now is the will for bold alternatives and papers.
Dr. Katrin Kloth-Everding
Doctor of chemistry with expertise in research and material testing. Many years of scientific activity in the food industry. Photo credits: Milchprüfring Bayern e.V.
Markus Herbster
Brands & Packaging Key Account
Industrial manager, KBC at that time largest textile printing company in Europe, Visplay GmbH (a Vitra brand), wholesaler of all kinds of covering materials, fights for innovative contemporary solutions for the future, which are in harmony with our resource consumption.
Katharina Müller
Communication Key Account
Graduated in cultural studies in Passau and Bologna, focused on materials and their aesthetics via a scholarship in Japan, develops new sustainable concepts for brand communication in a team of technology, design and trend research.

There’s a fervent desire for genuinely sustainable products. Yet, confusing eco-claims are launched by numerous suppliers and the media. We fight against this with conviction and offer our natural fibre know-how.

Florian Kohler, founder, and staunch advocate for natural materials