Glass beakers and tube for use in chemistry
Test production

From lab slip to sustainable paper pallet

Test production of fibre material under running conditions on a large-scale industrial plant

  • Upwards of approx. 1,000 KG with the supplied fibre material on the paper machine (~ 2 pallets)
  • Extensive laboratory testing of the test production
  • Determination of technical properties
  • ¬†Assessment of production capability
  • Strength potential of the produced material
  • Chemical paper analysis on: ash, strengths, water absorption, air permeability, smoothness, stiffness, fastness to light
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Processing tests on modern machines (optional)

  • Alignment and validation of print tests at partner printers
  • Coordination and quality check of application tests with processors
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Man checking the quality of white paper.
Close up green paper during the production
Close up paper roll during the production
Man checking the quality of paper during the production