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Brand support

Working together to achieve your green brand DNA with fibre-based materials

Our brand support in green-packaging and green-publication: we offer a comprehensive paper market comparison including market analysis of a wide variety of plant fibre materials and identify genuine and only seemingly ecological materials for packaging, marketing and communication for you. As well as this, we conduct colour and sensory workshops on fibre-based materials for marketing and sales teams.

Market analysis plant fibre material

Do you have an idea for a new type of fibre material? For example, for bio-economic packaging or sustainable promotional material? We analyse the market or a defined market environment and  find out whether the idea is really new and how it stands out from the competition. We may find suitable best practice examples from other industries and application areas.

  • Ongoing market monitoring of a wide variety of fibre-based materials for printing, packaging and advertising
  • Analysis of customer-specific market interests in terms of material, environmental impact, practicality and usefulness
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Colour and sensory workshops

Green-packaging and green-labelling have a direct effect on our subconscious via our eyes and fingertips and convey the feeling of honest authenticity. Our specialists train and sensitise development, marketing and sales teams in colour and sensory workshops and show them what’s important in fibre-based materials and organic paper. Get to know different surfaces and their effects and learn how desired messages can be conveyed via specific touch signals.

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Mood Match® Workshops

The Mood Match® method is based on the 4 basic aspects of perception: mind, mood, material and product. This approach can be used to define the essence or DNA of companies and products in communication.

Beforehand, we clarify the goal of the paper consulting workshop together. Is it about the appearance of a company that you want to give a noticeable and tangible ecological foundation with new paper made from plant fibres? Or is it about a defined project, such as packaging or a publication, which is produced in a credible ecological way and underlines the message of your product or story to its fullest?

Together we work out the best possible fibre-based material for your project. Here on site in Gmund, you can use Gmund’s development facilities during the workshop. These include the fibre and colour laboratory, over 100 embossing structures and the paper archive with over 100,000 samples. This way, an idea quickly becomes tangible and real.

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