Sustainable paper manifacturing from 100% hemp for Gmund Paper

Octupus letterpress
Octupus letterpress

Our customer for speciality paper made from hemp

Gmund Paper is committed to environmental protection like no other competitor in the paper industry. Only in Gmund is the process water treated without chemicals using ozone. In-house systems generate up to 75 percent of the required electricity through hydropower, solar energy and cogeneration – CO2 free. Gmund Paper is constantly looking for innovative advancements to meet the increased customer demands for ecological solutions.

Close up of the Mangfall
Close up of the Mangfall

The ecological vision

Development of an ecological paper made from 100% European hemp. Paper with up to 30% hemp already exists on the market, and Gmund itself offers a paper made of 50% hemp in the Gmund Bio Cycle collection. Experts agree: a paper made of 100% hemp can’t be produced with modern paper machines. That’s the theory, but it had to be disproved.

Three printed sample with Gmund Hanf
Hemp plant in neon color
Overview of all Gmund Hanf specifications
Top view of anonymous man touching and demonstrating green cannabis leaf on farm
Sample pages from the Gmund Hanf swatchbook
Two printed samples with Gmund Hanf
Cover and a sample page of the Gmund Hanf Compendium
Four sample pages from the Gmund Hanf swatchbook
Close up letterpress printing with Gmund Hanf
Strip rope

Requirements for the sustainable fibre-based packaging material

Good printability, versatile use and a natural appearance with long durability.

Hemp plant shot from above

The result: paper made from 100% hemp

After extensive research, including textile production, numerous tests and lots more sweat, we succeeded in taming the pure hemp fibre and creating a new kind of material. The new paper is both sturdy and wonderfully soft to the touch. The innovative Gmund Hanf 100% is produced without any dyes, the surface is wild and cloudy – pure nature. In addition, hemp improves the future recycling process, because the robust nature of the long-fibre pulp enables increasing paper recycling cycles, i.e. the hemp paper can be recycled more often.

Quality control of white paper
Gmund Hanf swatchbook